Döner Kebab

Finished Products

Product description:

Following the current trend we also offer prefabricated-kebab, which is heated in the microwave, pan or the oven, and can then be served right away. The ready-made doner kebab is available in the following variants and weights:

  • 500 gram
  • 1 Kilogram
  • 2,5 kilogram
  • 5 Kilogram
  • 10 Kilogram
  • ...and more

Sliced meat products
  • Veal, sliced meat
  • Veal and turkey, mixed slices of meat
  • chicken, sliced meat
  • Chicken and turkey meat, mixed slices of meat Minced meat products

Shredded veal
  • Veal, turkey
  • Young bull beef (shredded)