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Tek Döner Produktion GmbH

Tek Dönerproduktion GmbH is a prosperous family business and employs more than 35 employees. The company relies on the latest production conditions and the central location also allows for an optimal distribution.

Due to the positive business development and the ever-growing customer base, the CEO and owner, Mr. Mehmet Cam decided to expand, which resulted in a move of the company to the Max Urich. Str. 4 in the center of Berlin.
A closed production plant with an area of 1800 square meters is located in the new production factory which covers an area of 4,000 square meters.

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The Tek Dönerproduktion GmbH offers the following special features

We have advanced production facilities and hygienic product handling.
Our kebap production facility received an EU approval number as an EC-operation DE BE 100054 EC after strictest hygienic and technological production process controls and regulations. We produce high-quality kebap products.

The most modern production machines

For the creation of our kebap production the most modern production machines are available to our company. Our customers benefit from our efficient production processes.

PControlled suppliers
Controlled quality

Our raw meat materials are purchased only from slaughterhouses, which also comply with both EU standards and the strict HACCP guidelines and can submit such evidence before the delivery.

Certified production processes

Our kebap products are always made according to the EU norm provisions and independent veterinary supervision and they possess EU standard numbers that guarantee your customers high hygiene and a safe product flow.

Modern Distribution System

Our kebap products are sold everywhere in Germany and worldwide. For this we use the most modern vehicles and a modern logistics and distribution system. So we make sure that your order always arrives safely.